Wine Description & Statistics
Lafond Vineyards Santa Ynez Valley
2001 Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc
click image to close window Located on the highest corner of our Lafond Vineyard, eight acres of Musque clone Sauvignon Blanc grow on a southwest facing slope made up of wind blown marine sand piled deeply against the hill thus insuring immediate drainage and thirsty vines that have no choice but to yield the most favorable and intense grapes from which, in favorable years, we can produce a delightful late harvest wine complete with a contribution from botrytis, the “noble rot”, of the grape is the mold that can affect this area and leave as a memory the wonderful honeyed apricot character so sought after in Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc and indeed, the critical component without which winemaker Bruce McGuire would not endeavor to craft such a wine.

The fine vintage of 2001 saw Bruce directing a precision harvest using two different days at the end of November to pick only grape clusters optimally affected by botrytis in their desiccated glory so that these raisins could be foot stomped by the hearty winery crew; creating a sticky mess that was the happier for being tread on rather lightly by our feet rather than brutalized by a heartless machine. The sticky mess was allowed to cold soak for days, not hours, and placed into barrels made of French oak, almost three quarters of which were of new wood, for two months past a year in an successful effort to add to the complexity of the finished wine that is such a delightful alternative to heavy desserts or as an accompaniment to fruit tarts or bread pudding and will age gracefully for a multitude of years. This information on this wine of great value brought to you with apologies to Papa.
Suggested retail 16.00/375ml
Dates: November 20 & 28, 2001
Vineyard: 100% Lafond Vineyard,
located in the Santa Rita Hills
Production: 991/12x375ml cases
Barrels: 100% barrel fermented
for 14 months in French oak.
Residual Sugar: 12.5%
Total Acid: .91
pH: 3.33
Alcohol: 13.1%