Dates: October 14, 2014

100% Curtis Vineyard
Santa Ynez Valley
26.2 Brix

22 Barrels, 27%new
Total Acid: .6
pH: 3.
Alcohol: 14.6%
Sugar: Dry

March 15, 2016

550 cases

Curtis Vineyard
2014 Petit Verdot

Petit Verdot is a small dark berry that when ripened properly, will produce an intensely full bodied red with bold spice notes and high tannin.

Though its origins are not clear, most sources agree that the varietal predates Cabernet Sauvignon, making it a staple in most Bordeaux Blends.

The varietal has been used much less in France over the last few decades as it ripens slowly and cannot always fully mature in Bordeaux’s cool fall season.

Petit Verdot has become quite attractive to New World growers that can allow for longer hang time.

Winemaker’s comment: Petit Verdot is used as a blending grape in Bordeaux. It ripens late and sometimes does not ripen fully. That is not a problem at the Curtis Vineyards north of Los Olivos where it fully expresses Petot Verdot's potential. Dark plump fruit is very rich in the mouth, but with very accessible tanins.

Double Gold 2018 Tasters Guild Wine Judging

Suggested retail:30.00/750ml

2014 Curtis Vineyard Petit Verdot 30.00

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