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Lafond Vineyard, Santa Rita Hills
2010 Riesling 8.3
TThe noble grape Riesling is enjoying a well earned resurgence of popularity in America as increasing numbers of writers and chefs become enamored with the wine's flavors and suitability for pairing with a wide range of foods.

Peer through the fog of history and remember Riesling was really one of the first grapes that showed the promise of the Santa Ynez Valley for fine wine growing back in the middle 1970's.

Pierre Lafond planted the first block of Riesling in our Lafond Vineyard in 1972 and winemaker Bruce McGuire has crafted several styles of this wine since his arrival in 1981.

The amount of residual sugar in each style may vary slightly from year to year as Bruce balances this sweetness with the natural acid level that a particular vintage has achieved.

This particular wine is a slightly sweeter style, with 8.3% residual sugar. Most of this wine comes from the second crop from a new block planted at Lafond Vineyard in 2006.

This block was planted to three clones - Clone 12 from Germany, Clone 49 from Alsace, and our own Lafond Vineyard Clone from vines planted in 1972 of unknown origin.

Clone 49 was the ripest block in Lafond Vineyard. Fermentation was stopped by chilling at relatively low alcohol to showcase the delicious fruit of the Riesling grape.

Suggested retail: 18.00

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2010 Santa Rita Hills Riesling 8.3

Dates: Oct. 4 2010
Sugar: 24.9 Brix

100% Lafond Vineyard

100% Stainless Steel
Residual Sugar: 8.3%
Total Acid: .79
pH: 2.97
Alcohol: 10.3%

Production: 271 cases