Dates: Sept. 23 2015
Sugar: 25.9 Degrees Brix

100% Stolpman
Ballard Canyon
Santa Ynez Valley

2-130gal. puncheons
1 new puncheon
Total Acid: .68
pH: 3.41
Alcohol: 15.2%

Bottling date: April 16, 2017
Produced: 204 cases

Stolpman Vineyard

2015 Sangiovese
The Stolpman Vineyard is located in Ballard Canyon about 9.5 miles east of our Lafond Vineyard. The warmer climate in Ballard Canyon is nicely suited for Sangiovese, historically the primary grape of the Chianti region of Italy.

Known for its dense cherry fruit, Sangiovese's popularity has been on the increase as winemakers around the world discover the structure and full-bodied nature of the wine along with its affinity for blending with other varietals.

Winemaker Bruce McGuire continues to be pleased with this block of Sangiovese; 2013 is the eleventh harvest from this block.

Winemaker's comments: Stolpman Vineyard is located in Ballard Canyon in the middle of the Santa Ynez Valley. Ballard Canyon runs North from Buellton towards Los Olivos.

Warmer than the Santa Rita Hills but cooler than than the eastern Santa Ynez Valley. This has become an excellent site for Sangiovese.

Suggested retail: 28.00/750ml

2015 Stolpman Vineyard Sangiovese 28.00

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