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2010 ZCS
Our first ZCS was created in 1998 when Winemaker Bruce McGuire called the staff together to taste red wine blends centered around a Zinfandel from vines that were more than 40 years old.

Everyone's favorite was a blend of that Zinfandel with a Carignane and a Sangiovese. Bruce fine tuned the percentages and released 800 cases of this new wine in 1999 for sale in Santa Barbara.

Soon, we were receiving calls from all over the country looking for this obscure blend; a happy occurence that has led to this eleventh vintage of ZCS.

In this synergistic blend, the Zinfandel from 50 year old vines lends the jammy fruit quality to the wine, the Carignane adds density and finish, and the Sangiovese shows off cherry aromatics and flavors.

Bruce purchased all of the fruit for this vintage from Wild Rose Vineyard in Lodi, which farms to his standards. A small crop and excellent Zinfandel crop led to intense concentration and full flavors in the finished wine.

Oak aging takes place in neutral puncheons so as not to disturb the full fruit quality of ZCS. This is a very versatile, food friendly wine made to match a wide range of occasions and meals..

Winemaker's comments: It was a very good vintage for Zinfandel and Carignan in Lodi. These ancient vineyards give depth and structure to the wine.

Suggested retail: 15.00
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Dates: Sept. 16,
Oct. 1-13, 2010
Sugar: 24.9 Brix

Wild Rose Vineyard Lodi
Composition: 67% Zinfandel
20% Carignane
13% Sangiovese

Aged 8 months
Neutral puncheons
Total Acid: .62
pH: 3.57
Alcohol: 14.7%
Bottled: May 18, 2011
Production: 1,154 cases