Wine Description & Statistics
Lafond Vineyards Santa Ynez Valley
2001 Zinfandel Essence
click image to closw window In 2001 Bruce McGuire was able to make our third consecutive Zinfandel Essence, the first time we have been able to make this wine three years in a row.
Seven acres of Zinfandel were planted in the Lafond Vineyard back in 1972, before the cool climate nature of the surroundings was completely understood. The struggle to get ripe, clean fruit every year has effectively curtailed the planting of this varietal in the Santa Rita Hills region, and in fact, our Zinfandel survives only because of the unique nature we find in this cool-climate planting. Big, forward raspberry fruit that seems more intense than traditional Zinfandel from warmer climates is the hallmark of our Zinfandel and genesis of the inspiration for a late harvest style from these grapes.
Early in his tenure at Santa Barbara Winery, Bruce had observed some Zinfandel bunches shriveling and drying out while staying free of rot. Mindful of the terrific forward fruit and the firm acid structure courtesy of the cool climate, Bruce made his first batch of Zinfandel Essence in the 1980's.
Because the Fall of 2001 was sunny and dry, Bruce waited until November 25th to pick the Zinfandel raisins that were then foot stomped to gently release juice and start the fermentation. After pressing, the juice was cold fermented in stainless steel to retain maximum fruit character.

Suggested retail: 24.00/375ml
Production: 276 12x375ml cases
Dates: November 25, 2001
Vineyards: 100% Lafond Vineyard.
Vineyards located in the Santa
Rita Hills Appelation.
Sugar: 33.0 Brix
Residual sugar: 16%.
Total Acid: 1.0
pH: 3.15
Alcohol: 8.8%